Woof! Bearded Collies

Sitting on a grooming table at the Scottish Breeds Show, this Bearded Collie sat patiently, immobile even, while all around him dogs were being walked, groomed, tended to, displayed, exhibited, and judged.


Not only Bearded Collies, but also other Scottish breeds at the 31st General Championship Show of the Scottish Breeds Canine Club held at the Royal Highland Centre at Ingliston, near Edinburgh, on 28th March.

My wife Tamara thought it would be interesting to go see the show. And it was interesting. For example, dog exhibitors take a cage and a portable grooming table to the shows. That’s quite a lot of paraphernalia involved in exhibiting.

And everyone was forever brushing and grooming their dogs.

And pushing their dog’s back feet backwards and their front feet forwards so that they stood ‘just so’ when they were being judged.

And the judges felt down the length of the animals backs and haunches and opened their mouths and looked at their teeth – ‘My, what big teeth you have.’

And here they are all lined up and ready to be judged. They were all incredibly patient and calm, waiting for their turn to strut their stuff and run around the ring with their owners. The way their long fine hair sweeps behind them, Bearded Collies look like they are heading into a gale-force wind when they are just trotting at a comfortable pace.


This dog won best of breed at Crufts this year, and was in the top seven dogs at Crufts in all classes. Here it is with its owner Ms Waldron from Middlesex. And yes, she got first prize here, too.


And this is another Crufts winner with its owner, Mr Ritchie from Surrey. The reason I know this is because my wife is sociable and got chatting with one of the stewards.

No Photos Of Other Dogs?

There were deerhounds and Skye terriers, and Smooth collies, and … and … – but I didn’t get around to taking photos of them – too engrossed in the Bearded Collies.