Piglets Suckling and The Happy Pig

We went to a farm this past weekend where one of the number of buildings dotted around the area is a piggery. It was there that we saw these adorable piglets suckling.

The second photograph here is actually a close-up crop of the first photograph. This way you can clearly see what caught our attention, namely that the nearest piglet is still attached to its umbilical cord indicating that the little critter must have been born only shortly before we saw this.

As you can see, yellow material from the afterbirth is still covering its body.

Piglets Suckling
Piglets Suckling
Piglets Suckling - Close Up
Piglets Suckling - Close Up

The sight of the piglet hustling and bustling its way in among its siblings to suckle from its mother seemed like a small miracle.

We noticed another pig in a nearby stall in the piggery. As you can observe here, it looked so contented that we simply had to take its photograph.

Happy Pig
Happy Pig

Pig Facts
As we read in the piggery, a female who has had no pigs before is called a gilt. This is differentiated from the term sow, which indicates a female who has had piglets.

The gestation period for all pigs is three months, three weeks, and three days – which is quite a nifty number to remember, as I hope you will agree.

  1. Very informative & again, nice photos. Keep up the good work!

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