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Quillcards is a subscription ecard service for sending ecards to friends and family.

Choose from hundreds of original photos in our private library to highlight your cards. It's a great way to send beautiful-looking communications.

Do you like to write? Would you like to send beautiful communications to friends and family?

With Quillcards you can choose from hundreds of original photos, and write up to the equivalent of two sheets of typing paper in your messages, and send beautiful-looking communications.

Send your cards winging on their way immediately - or if you want you can write a card and schedule it to be sent just in time for someone’s birthday, wedding anniversary, or other happy occasion.

Send an individual message or send a group message in a card to up to five people at once. And you get separate notifications for each person who opens your card.

There's nothing to download and you can use it on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection.

Send as many cards as you like (only to people you know, no spamming allowed).

Write cards and schedule them to be sent later if you want - on someone’s birthday, wedding anniversary, or other occasion.

Send an ecard in group message to up to five people at once. Get separate notifications when each person opens your ecard.

And all this for just $20.00 per year.

About Quillcards: Short Version

  • Use any of hundreds of original photos.
  • Send as many cards as you like (only to people you know and no spamming allowed, of course).
  • Write as much as the equivalent of two typed sheets of paper.
  • Send an ecard to up to five people at once.
  • Add people to your contact list and address your ecards with one click.
  • Send a card immediately or schedule it to be sent later if you are travelling.
  • Add images as favorites to your account so you can use them quickly without searching.
  • Set up email alerts for birthdays and other occasions.
  • Re-read any of the ecards you sent in the past year.

Want To Look Around?

Just click the logo or the HOME button and look around at the hundreds of photos. Enjoy!

To see what an ecard looks like to the person receiving it, take a look at this sample ecard (the link will open in a new window or tab).

How To Subscribe

Click here to subscribe to Quillcards, or click the tab in the navigation bar. It's quick and you can start sending ecards within minutes.