• Hedgerow Tulips

    Hedgerow Tulips

  • Ponte Vecchio in Florence in Italy

    Ponte Vecchio

  • Palazzo Pitti with a backdrop of the skyline of Florence

    Palazzo Pitti

  • A view of Florence from Palazzo Pitti


  • The Uffizi Gallery seen from across the River Arno in Florence, Italy

    Uffizi Gallery

  • Pollarded trees in the main Square in Fiesole near Florence, Italy


  • the river arno at Pisa in Italy

    Arno at Pisa

  • the circular baptistry in Pisa, Italy

    Pisa Baptistry

  • the Piazza del Campo in Siena viewed from an archway

    Piazza del Campo

  • The interior of the Duomo in Siena

    Siena Duomo

  • the octagonal baptistry in Florence


  • the river Arno at Pisa in Italy

    River Arno

  • view of the Duomo in Florence from the roof garden of a nearby department store

    Duomo in Florence

  • santa claus


  • Giant panda eating bamboo


  • white rabbit

    White Rabbit

  • white terrier


  • guitar and phrase - 'I'll strum along with you anytime.'

    Strumming Along

  • typewriter and paper with text in red 'Be My Valentine'


  • lone tree and text 'Be My Valentine'

    Lone Tree