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Puffins standing on a ledge on the rocks of the Isle Of May in the Firth Of Forth in Scotland


This is a sample of a Quillcards ecard.

The photograph of the two puffins is from the library of photographs that subscribers have access to when composing their cards.

Why Quillcards? Well, email works, and it’s a great utility. But it’s not pretty.

There is a better option for communicating with friends and family, and that’s where Quillcards comes in.

In one of our ecards you can write pretty much as much as you would ever want to write in an email – up to about nine hundred words, which is the equivalent of three full-size sheets of typed writing paper.

So whether it is a far-flung friend, or if you are miles from home and want to bring friends and family up to date with your travels – you’ve got room to express yourself.

And your message is complemented with an image from the Quillcards library.

And then the message and photo are set off with a surrounding colour that you choose that brings the whole thing together.

Putting an image in an ecard is simple – click it and it’s done. Then write your message, preview your card to make sure everything looks good (edit your card if you want to) and then send it.

When the person you send it to opens the ecard, you’ll get an email to tell you they opened it. That means you’ll know when your card has been read and won’t have to wonder whether whoever you sent it to has got it.

And you can send individual ecards or send a group ecard to up to five people. And you’ll get separate notifications for each person who opens your ecard.

We don’t put a limit on how many ecards you send. Send as many cards as you like. Only to people you know, of course, and it goes without saying that there’s no spamming allowed!

One more thing – if you are going to be traveling or you don’t want to risk missing an occasion you can schedule an ecard to be sent later.

There’s more to explore when you join – And all this for just $25.00 per year.

One last thing, if you want to learn a couple of simple editing features (we've got a tutorial for that), you can make your text stand out with effects like bold text.

Happy card sending!

The Quillcards Team

Sent by John Smith
([email protected])
To Elliot Smith ([email protected])