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Puffins standing on a ledge on the rocks of the Isle Of May in the Firth Of Forth in Scotland


This is a Quillcards ecard.

The photo of the two puffins is one of hundreds of original photos you can choose from.

In case you are wondering, the reason we know that they are original photos is that we took them! We enjoy taking photos, both locally and on our travels.

Take a look around the photos on this site - there are hundreds of them - and I think you will see our love of flowers, birds animals, trees, and old buildings.

To make things easier for subscribers to navigate and find the kind of image they want, we've set up themes - from nature to religions - and within each of those themes there are categories to make it easy to find the image you want to use.

Putting an image in an ecard is simple - just click it and it's done!

The background colour around this ecard is one of 96 background colors you can choose from at the click of a button as you create your ecard.

The greeting at the top of the card is one of over 60 greetings you choose from as you are creating your ecard.

And there is space in this message to write up to about 600 words, if you want.

You can style the text in your cards with bold text, italics and other effects. It's easy to do and this article shows you how

There are lots more features - when you are travelling or just want to plan ahead; when you want to send an ecard to up to five people at once; bookmarking favorite photos, and more.

And to show you just how much you can write in a Quillcards ecard, let's talk about the weather.

At this particular moment here in Cambridge in the UK, the sun is shining and it looks set to be a beautiful day. That ought to set me at ease and set me up for a relaxing day - but the fact is that I have lots of things to do - too many at the moment.

I find lists help a lot. I have an online list that syncs between my phone and my laptop, And I also have a little Moleskine book that I carry around with me.

One of the things I like a lot about the online application I use is that I can speak a note into my phone and it imports the message into the notes. No more having to stop and type up a reminder - just tell Siri to add the reminder.

Well, I could go on like this, but I guess you get the idea that there is lots and lots of space to write in a Quillcards ecard. It's great for sending short messages - but if you want to send a long letter to a friend or to family - you can just as easily!

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