York and New York

York - September 2009
York - September 2009
York - January 2008
York - January 2008

These are views of the cathedral city of York in the north of England. The first was taken this month and the second a year and a half ago when the river Ouse burst its banks, as it has done many times.

The worst of the most recent floods was in the year 2000 when the water all but covered the ground floor windows of the King’s Arms Public House, which is the building with the jettied upper floor in the photographs.

New York

In 1663 the Duke of York – James Stuart, the second son of Charles I and the brother of Charles II – bought Long Island and other islands on the New England coast.

The next year, his forces captured New Amsterdam from the Dutch and he renamed the whole possession the Province of New York.

His province included what are now New York State, New Jersey, Delaware and Vermont, and parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maine.

The Dutch subsequently recaptured the city of New Amsterdam and it remained Dutch until it was traded back to the English under the Treaty of Westminster in 1674.

The Dutch got the island of Run in Indonesia in exchange – something they were happy enough with at the time as the island of Run was the only place where the nutmeg tree grew and from which the valuable spices nutmeg of and mace could be obtained.

James II

When James Stuart became king he was James II of England and Ireland, and James VII of Scotland in 1685.

His reign lasted three years before he was deposed and forced to escape to France as a result of his attempts to re-establish Catholicism and a stronger throne in England.

He was succeeded by the joint reign of William and Mary, then of Anne, then George I, and George II, until the reign of George III, when New York again changed hands.

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  1. Jonathan Galton

    Dear David,

    Stumbled across your site while lookign for pictures of York flooding – now rather intrigued, although restraining myself from browsing through other entries yet as I have a mountain of work to do – rest assured I shall bookmark the site!

    Anyway, I’m writing an introduction to a Climate Change Strategy for a Local Authority in Kent, and am looking for striking images of Climate Change happening in the UK. I was hoping to include a series of images of yeary flooding in York. Is there any chance you’d be prepared to let me use your image above? If you would, please let me know how you’d prefer me to reference it. Will understand if you’d rather not.

    Best wishes,


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