Our India Trip

The ecards from our recent trip to India are now on line.

Organized under the theme of Focus: India, they are set out in categories as diverse as Animals, Architecture, Arts and Crafts, and Religion in India.

Here are a sample six of the 115 images in this new section in Quillcards Ecards.

Agra Fort
Concert in Udaipur
Puppets In Udaipur
Sadhus In Udaipur

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What Is In The Range
We have monkeys, cows, and water buffalo in the Animals section, while our Architecture section covers buildings as well-known as the Taj Mahal but also includes the lesser-known but utterly beautiful Itimad Ud Daulah in Agra and the famous ‘sinking’ temple on the banks of the River Ganges in Varanasi.

Our Religions section covers everything from colorful coverings of Buddhist sacred texts to sadhus on pilgrimage.

Dogs are everywhere in India, and we wrote about the sleeping dogs of Delhi and Agra when we visited these two cities.

Since then we have experienced the not-so-quiet dogs of Darjeeling, who seem to prefer to sleep in the daytime and roam in packs and howl through the night.

Dog Confrontations
We saw several confrontations between lone dogs and packs of dogs.

One confrontation in particular that stands out in our minds took place on a busy street in Udaipur.

The yelping and barking started suddenly with one large, lone dog in a stand-off with a pack of assorted dogs. The lone dog looked worse for wear, with old wounds scarring his flanks – but he stood up to the pack bravely.

The leader of the pack looked in very fine condition and was obviously in command. The rest of his pack were an odd assortment ranging in size down to some very small dogs at the rear of the pack.

The dog that caught our attention however, was the one standing just behind the leader: Smaller than the leader and not as big as some of the others in the pack, he kept rushing forward ahead of the leader to confront the lone dog.

However, he would follow this behavior by turning in an obsequious, appeasing manner to the leader of the pack as though to say, “Well, of course, Your Majesty, I am not challenging your authority. I thought I would just help a bit. Of course, I will do whatever you want me to do. I was just helping you know, not questioning your position. See, I am moving back here behind you. See, look, I have moved back.”

Then a moment later – all overcome with excitement and seemingly unable to control himself – the dog would rush forward to bark at the lone dog, glancing backwards at the leader to see whether he had overstepped the mark again.

Magical India
India is a huge country, made all the more vast by its varied cultures and its tortuous train journeys.

It is a fantastical kaleidoscope, and we hope these images give you a taste of the magic.