Quillcards Blog Chosen As A Lonely Planet Featured Site

Good News For Quillcards
Lonely Planet – the publishers of the world-famous series of travel guides for the independent traveler – has chosen to showcase our travel articles on its online travel site.

As Lonely Planet states on its site, “We sign up the best travel bloggers we can find and publish their articles on lonelyplanet.com.”

The fact that Lonely Planet has chosen to link with Quillcards is great news for us because it increases the exposure of our blog to thousands of new visitors. Of course, our blog amplifies exposure of the images we show in our ecard collection, so we are doubly pleased.

How Lonely Planet Links To Our Articles
The way it works is that we tag our travel articles appropriately. Then Lonely Planet picks them up, and publishes them on its travel site.

So for example, our articles about our experiences in Darjeeling in India are on the Lonely Planet page that highlights that city.

The Badge
If you take a look over to the right of this page, you will see we now have (had before Lonely Planet ended the Blogsherpa program) a Lonely Planet badge to show our new relationship.

The Lonely Planet Story
The story of how the Lonely Planet series came into being is interesting in itself.

It started with the long journey of the founders, Tony and Maureen Wheeler, who traveled overland from London to Australia in an old car.

When they arrived in Australia, they wrote about the practical points they had learned from their journey. That became the first of the guides and was entitled Across Asia On The Cheap. Then came the ‘shoestring’ series, starting with South-East Asia On A Shoestring, followed by guides to individual countries, so that now there are lots of titles in the Lonely Planet catalog.

We Use Lonely Planet Guidebooks
I first started using Lonely Planet guidebooks before I went to South America. I was very impressed with one of the authors, Geoff Crowther, whose writing seemed to me to be authentic and whose accounts made me want to see some of the places he described.

I wasn’t going to lug the guides with me though, so having read them, I copied maps into an exercise book and made brief notes of places I intended to visit as I moved around.

Tamara started using LP guides when she lived to Korea. It was LP’s mention of the Korean branch of the Royal Asiatic Society that opened up a new world of exploration in Korea for her. Then when she went to Australia from Korea, it was Lonely Planet that guided her around Sydney and Melbourne.

Since then we have both used LP guides on many occasions, so we are happy to hook up with a series that we both appreciate and have been using for a long while.

The Digital World
Times have changed and now travelers can choose the destinations in which they are interested and download pdf versions of the guides – a tempting idea.

Now there are iPad, iPhone and Nokia apps for the city guides and phrasebooks, so the digital traveller can have it all as his or her fingertips.

From personal experience I appreciate having a guidebook to sort through the jungle of information that can greet one on reaching a foreign city.

A long and bumpy ride on a bus followed by trekking around to find somewhere to stay is not the best encounter one can have with a strange city at night.

That’s when a guidebook that treats you as though you can find your way out of the bus station and gives a quick rundown on good places is a godsend. Lonely Planet guides are that kind of guidebook.

Then once the essentials have been covered, you can strike out and follow your nose and leave the guidebook in the hotel room.

Remember, you can use our ecards to keep in touch with family, friends, and loved ones when you are travelling.

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