EdFringe: A Theory Of Justice

A Theory Of Justice
A Theory Of Justice

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival starts tomorrow and runs for most of this month.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society website says that last year,

…the Fringe enjoyed a record-breaking 2,695 different shows staging 42,096 performances in 279 venues by 22,457 performers from over 47 countries..

To kick off this year’s festival, some of the theatre companies were out on the street hamming it up for passers by and handing out flyers.

In keeping with previous years, we aim for the visually appealing.

So in good Fringe style we start coverage with a low key, restrained image of Plato, as played by Sam Ereira, a cast member in the DEM Productions production of A Theory Of Justice.

We shall be posting regularly from the Fringe – with photos – so look out for more articles.

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