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Cleantalk Anti-Spam

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone – an ode to Cleantalk Anti-Spam

WordPress has its own anti-spam WordPress plugin named Akismet, and it is free for non-commercial sites.

Quillcards, however, is a commercial site. The blog you are reading is free to read but the e-card service at Quillcards is supported by subscription. That means we would have had to pay to use the WordPress Akismet plugin – and it is not that cheap.

Therefore, a couple of years ago, we went looking for an alternative anti-spam plugin and we found CleanTalk.

Fast forward to about a week ago when the renewal notice came in from CleanTalk. I didn’t renew because I was abroad at the time, so the anti-spam plugin stopped running.

I just got back home and I went to look at the comments on this blog – and there was a big list of spam comments waiting for approval or deletion.

When the Cleantalk plugin is active, all those spam comments are where they are supposed to be – either in the Spam folder or simply not there at all. The automated bot spam comments don’t even reach the server because CleanTalk blocks them at the firewall.

Like the song say, you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone. Well not in this case. I hopped over and renewed CleanTalk for a further three years (it’s cheap and good value) – and now spam is back under control. Hurray.

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