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Help Bring Attention To Child In Need India This Mother’s Day

The Endless Layers Of India
Traveling for seven weeks in northern India with my husband David last year was an experience in endless head turning where one constantly sees astonishing tableaux of extremes – delightful and depressing, enriching and enervating, uplifting and chilling.

Such is the intoxicating kaleidoscope that is India.

The Face Of Poverty
The Face Of Poverty

Background To Quillcards Involvement With Child In Need India (CINI)
I first came in contact with CINI’s great work about five years ago when I began editing material for them as a volunteer. Because I had to devote more time to Quillcards, I stopped my volunteer work for CINI about 18 months ago.

However, I kept in touch with the organization. After David and I traveled in India this inspired us all the more about the country and CINI’s essential work in it. Then one thing led to another as time went on – and that is how we came to be working with CINI on this campaign.

Teaming Up This Mother’s Day With Child In Need India (CINI)
So we’re especially pleased and happy that we at Quillcards have had the opportunity to create a series of ecards like this one for this Mother’s Day to help support Child In Need India (CINI), an award-winning charity based in Kolkata:

 Support Child In Need India - A Quillcards Ecard
Support Child In Need India - A Quillcards Ecard

Marking Mother’s Day In April And May Around The World
While Mother’s Day is celebrated this weekend on April 3rd in the UK, most countries around the world celebrate it on May 8th.

On whatever date it is celebrated, we hope that everyone will take the opportunity on either or both dates to spread the word about CINI.

Lotus In Bloom
If you wish to mark this Mother’s Day with flowers, how about showing your support for CINI by sending this ecard with the lotus that we photographed.

The national flower of India, the lotus flower is said to symbolize that which remains pure even in the mud from which it blooms.

 Support Child In Need India - A Quillcards Ecard
Support Child In Need India - A Quillcards Ecard

Our Special Ecard Collection To Help CINI
You can find the two ecards above and three more that we at Quillcards have created, designed, and produced especially for CINI and its Mother’s Day 2011 campaign that you can send for free through this link here:

Quillcards Free Ecards

Quillcards members will also find these ecards in the Helping Others category of our new Ethical Causes theme.

Why Seconds Count
The more I have learned about CINI’s work and statistics like the ones that follow here, the more I have begun to comprehend what the battle against poverty means to the lives of mothers and children in India.

Around 6,000 children die every day in India, which translates into one child dying every fifteen seconds.

Speaking of time, how long did it just take you to read the paragraphs above to get to this one? How many seconds that morphed into minutes did it take you – and how many children just died in India during that time, based on the statistic above?

Poverty’s Cruel Blows In India
Here are more facts about India that CINI confronts in its work:

    One in 13 children dies before the age of five.

    Women in India are 80 times more likely than women in the UK to die in childbirth.

Spread The Word About CINI And Its Vital Mission
What is even sadder to learn is that most of these deaths are preventable.

So once again, please lend CINI a hand with its mission to help indigent mothers and children by sending these ecards.

To Mothers And Beyond
Please send these ecards not just to mothers – but to friends, contacts, and other family members, all of whom can help CINI to help the mothers and children that it ably assists all year ’round.

A Link To CINI’s Site Within The Ecards
Our Quillcards CINI ecards contain a specially pre-formatted section of text below the image. This text describes CINI’s work and contains a hyperlink to CINI’s site.

In that way, the circle is complete, and both CINI and Quillcards are brought to the attention of a wider audience.

Learn More About CINI Through Their Website
To discover more about CINI and its pivotally important work for mothers and children in India, visit their website:

Child In Need India (CINI)

Help Break The Cycle Of Poverty And Hunger
Thanks in advance for our ecard(s) for CINI that you send this Mother’s Day 2011.

This way you are helping to further Child in Need India’s overall mission, which is to help women and children break the cycle of poverty and hunger.

Child In Need India (CINI)