Bluebells In Middleton Woods

Bluebells And Trees

The weather has been changeable – first sunny, then rain, then some sun again and then more rain – all in one day. Then in the late afternoon the sun came out again and we went for a walk in Middleton Wood, which is near Ilkley in North Yorkshire.

The woods were carpeted with bluebells, which looked especially attractive with the sun slanting through the trees in the late afternoon.

For a close-up photograph of an English bluebell showing how the flowers all grow on one side of the stem, see our bluebell article here. In contrast, the flowers of the Spanish bluebell grow all around the stem, so the plant grows upright.

A Carpet Of Bluebells

We will be adding these photographs to our ecard collection within the next week.

Bluebells And Tree Stump
Deep In The Bluebell Wood

We will also be adding photographs from our India trip to our ecard collection, so look out for those also.

  1. The pictures at the top of your blog that change all the time are lovely. Many blogs look the same but yours is original.

    • David Bennett

      Thank you: We appreciate your comment.

      The Thesis WordPress theme that we use makes setting up rotating header photographs a comparatively straightforward process.

      We are also fortunate in having our own photographs from which to make the headers. 😀

  2. Lilian

    Beautiful bluebells.

    You know there won’t be any if the Spanish bluebell takes over.

    • David Bennett

      I have read about the spread of the Spanish bluebell. It is a pretty flower, but with its flowers all around the stem is a very different flower from the English bluebell.

  3. Terrific photos – they look luminous. How do you get that effect?

    • David Bennett

      Thank you: The light was in my favor.

      Maybe you have a good monitor screen 😉

      Seriously, the new LED backlit monitors make photos look lovely.

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