About Us

We (Tamara Colloff-Bennett and David Bennett) are based in Cambridge in the UK and we take the photos, create the ecards, and design the appearance and features of Quillcards.

Tamara plays piano (wonderfully, says David) and loves colour. She has taught in the USA (she's American) and in Korea, and she is an experienced and well-regarded writer and editor.

David loves taking photos. He has worked as a teacher, a lawyer, and a woodturner and he has taught in the UK and in Finland. He likes listening to Tamara playing the piano.

The story behind Quillcards is that we were living abroad and when we came to live in the UK we were looking around for a good ecard site so that we could send ecards to friends.

We couldn't find an ecard service that had all the features we wanted, so we made Quillcards.

We didn’t want to use stock photos, so the first thing we decided was to use the photographs we took on our travels.

And because we are very interested in nature and the environment, we wanted to include our animal, bird, and flower photos.

And because we are also interested in literature and we know other people like quotations, we combined photos and quotations in some of our ecards.

And that is how Quillcards came into being.


The design of this site, the photos used in the ecards, all the designs, and the content of the blog are all original and copyright © Tamara Colloff-Bennett and David Bennett.

Our Commitment

We are committed to our social and environmental responsibilities. Our Charity Policy describes the charities we support.