Thank You

Three Anemones

Hi there,

Thanks for taking a look at this sample ecard.

It's designed to show you what a Quillcards ecard looks like to the person receiving it.

Let's take a look around. First, there is the image. There are hundreds of original images here on Quillcards, and members can use any and all of them whenever they want.

Now notice the 'Thank You' greeting above the image. It's one of over 60 greetings available at the click of a mouse when you create your ecard.

And there's the colour that surrounds this image and the text. There are nearly one hundred background colors to choose from. When you create a card, just pick the colour that you think goes well with the image you have chosen.

If you're in the mood to write a long message, there is space to write up to about 600 words. Many of our members correspond this way with friends and family.

You can use Markdown to style the text in your cards. We've got an article showing you how to use it. You don't have to use it but it's there if you want to do fancy stuff like bold text and italics and other styles.

When you are travelling or just want to plan ahead, you can schedule your ecards to be sent up to a month later if you want.

And you can send an ecard to up to five people at once - and you get a notification for each person who views it.

You can look at every ecard you've sent in the past year, save your favorite ecard images, save your special dates and set up email alerts for birthdays and other occasions.

Thanks for reading,


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