Take Quillcards For A Spin With A 72-Hours Free Trial

It's easy to start your free trial - very easy. You don't have to register; all you need to do is send a card. And send another, and another, as many as you want within 72 hours. Send them and enjoy! Of course you must only send ecards to people you know... so no spamming. Read on for how the free trial works.

  • The free trial runs for 72 hours and it starts when you send the first ecard.
  • You will get an email notification every time one of your ecards is viewed.
  • The free trial lacks some features, of course. For example, members are already registered, so they don't need to type in their own email address each time. And they can send an ecard to five people at once, and they can set up a contact list and address their ecards with one click.

Here's How To Get Started With The Free Trial

  • Start at the home page and choose an image you like. A message will come up asking whether you want to send an ecard featuring that image.
  • Click to say yes and add a greeting, write your message, and send your ecard.
  • That's it!