The Bronte Parsonage, Haworth, England

Behind the Parsonage in Haworth, which now houses the Bronte Museum, there is a field aptly named Parson’s Field.

It slopes gently uphill, and as I entered the field I saw a ram and several ewes in the top corner by the dry stone wall.

As I approached, they looked up and the ram stood at the back, side-on to me, full-coated and magnificent. The ewes looked a little spooked and one of them did something I have never seen a sheep do: She pawed the ground like a bull, and pulled back her lips to tell me not to come any closer.

I took several photographs while they were deciding I was not going to come any closer, and as they ambled across the field.

Five Sheep


The village of Haworth is set in the Pennine Hills, overlooking the Worth valley, and it is in the parsonage that the Bronte sisters wrote their most famous works, including Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.


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