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It has been a productive month, and we have just added 46 new ecards to our range of ecards here at Quillcards.

You can see the latest 24 of these new ecards in the Recently Added section of Quillcards.

Here is one of the new ecards. It is a photo of the leaves of a Bignonia tree shot against a bright sky on one of the rare days this year with sun here in the north of England.

Bignonia Leaves
Bignonia Leaves

Behind The Photographs
We have just returned from a trip to London, and while we were there we visited several museums and galleries including the British Museum and the Tate Modern.

Here is another new ecard showing the latticework roof of the British Museum.

British Museum Roof
British Museum Roof

Across The Thames
While we at the Tate Modern, the raking light of the late afternoon sun shone onto St. Paul’s Cathedral on the north bank of the Thames.

The cathedral dome rises over the surrounding buildings, competing with the cranes that are an ever-present part of the modern London skyline. The pedestrians are crossing the Thames over the new Millennium Bridge.

The Thames from the Tate Modern
The Thames from the Tate Modern

The Shakespeare Globe Theatre is just a few minutes walk down river from the Tate Modern, and just a few paces from that is Cardinal’s Wharf, where Christoper Wren lived while overseeing the building of St. Paul’s.

A Commanding Position
We also visited Lincoln recently, and here is a photograph of Lincoln Cathedral seen from over the surrounding buildings. You can find the Lincoln Cathedral ecard here.

Lincoln is a city (by virtue of its having a cathedral) but in reality it is a smallish town.

It is a town of two halves. There is the lower town with its commercial center, and then – on the escarpment above – there is the cathedral around which there is a cluster of classy shops and restaurants, houses and a hotel.

Lincoln Cathedral
Lincoln Cathedral

The cathedral faces Lincoln Castle a hundred yards away, and this photograph of the cathedral is taken from the top of the grassy slope that surrounds the castle walls.

The cathedral and the castle were begun under the reign of William the Conqueror after he took the throne following his defeat of the Saxon King Harold at the battle of Hastings in 1066.

There was a Roman castle on the site before that, testifying to the power of the escarpment that is the termination of a long ridge that runs south through the county of Lincolnshire until it terminates here overlooking the river Witham.

On a different theme entirely is this scene at Temple Newsham – an estate on the outskirts of Leeds here in Yorkshire. The photograph is sepia-toned and is in the style of Samuel Palmer, an artist and printmaker who worked in the Romantic tradition in the 1800s.

Palmer was a contemporary of William Blake, whom he met and whose vision influenced his work. Palmer’s work is very individual, and once seen it is never forgotten.

Finally, you can see our article William Blake: Sedition In Chichester here.



  1. says

    Love the new pics.

    It may be because I was born in Lincoln, but I actually think Lincoln Cathedral is up there with the most beautiful pieces of architecture in the world. Just amazing.

    • David Bennett says

      I agree it is indeed beautiful, as befits the cathedral of a diocese that once stretched south as far as the Thames, and included not only Lincolnshire, but also Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

  2. says

    All the new pics are gorgeous. My personal favorites are always ones that depict nature and are free of any man made structures in them, but I’m sure that varies from individual to individual. Now I’m off to read your William Blake article.

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