Changing Times In The Largest Indoor Market In Europe

The Roof Of Kirkgate Market

Kirkgate Market Kirkgate Market in the center of Leeds in Yorkshire in the north of England is the largest indoor market in Europe. There were five markets in Leeds at one time - some dating back to the Middle Ages - but as the city became richer and the middle of Leeds became ritzier, the markets were amalgamated in the early 1800s in one … [Read more...]

Lambing At Hurries Farm In The Yorkshire Dales

new-born lamb, suckling

Newborn Lambs In Spring In early April the fields in the Yorkshire Dales are dotted with ewes and their newly born lambs. Most ewes give birth to two lambs and they are capable of giving birth unaided. However, David Wellock, the farmer here at Hurries Farm at Otterburn in the Yorkshire Dales National Park in North Yorkshire, was on hand and … [Read more...]