How To Help Earthquake Victims In Japan: An Insider’s View

The Blogsherpa Community
As you can see from the blue badge over at the sidebar here, the Quillcards Blog is part of Lonely Planet’s Blogsherpa community of travel writers.

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Being part of the Blogsherpa community has introduced us to a number of people who have something worthwhile to say.

One of them is Todd Wassel, who is a development expert specializing in Conflict Management and Human Rights.

He has worked in Sri Lanka, and East Timor, and is now working in Pristina in Kosovo, so he has seen his share of the world’s problems.

On The Ground In Japan
Todd’s Japanese wife Kay, who is also a development worker working for the U.N., is in Japan at the moment.

They are expecting a child (a son) and as Todd says “The tragedy that is unfolding in Japan at the moment is just horrible.”

Given the most recent news about radioactive iodine in Japan’s drinking water, the tragedy is becoming even more damaging.

How Aid Can Best Benefit Japan
As international aid workers, Todd and Kay believe they can see how aid can best come to Japan, which is through local Japanese organisations.

They have asked the Blogsherpa community to help by publicising the contact details for these organisations.

As Todd says:

We believe that it is more cost effective to donate funds directly to Japanese organizations as many international organizations do not have concrete plans to send missions to Japan.

There are also many scams out there trying to benefit from this horrible disaster.

We know that language barriers and lack of knowledge can also prevent people from donating to the right place.

As such we have put together a list of Japanese Organizations that we know, trust and recommend.

Help Promote Todd’s Efforts For Japan
Here is the link to Todd’s page on how to help Japan’s earthquake and tsunami survivors.

Todd asks that you share his page with your friends, family and coworkers through email, Facebook, Twitter or any other outlet you can think of, because the more people who see the page the greater the donations will be.

That is why we are publishing this appeal here, and hope that you in turn will publicize Todd’s efforts.

Thank you for reading this.

Do You Write A Blog?
If you do, then please help promote Todd’s efforts by writing your own article about this important and still-unfolding tragedy.


  1. says

    Thanks so much for the support and the write up! My wife and her family are very thankful for all the wonderful people who helping with their blogs. Just a slight correction, I’m actually still working in Kosovo but my wife is in Japan at the moment.

    • David Bennett says

      Thank you Todd. – I have corrected the article.

      I was in Japan for three months in about 1993 and traveled most of the length of Honshu from Tokyo northwards. One of the places that I visited was Ofunato – about three hours drive north of Sendai. I stayed with some lovely people there and I am very concerned and sad about the news from there following the earthquake.

      I have not been able to find out anything more than is in the news and I will try again in a couple of weeks.

      It is not hard to imagine so many people in Japan grieving over their individual losses.

      I hope everything goes well for you and for your wife and her family.

      All the best.

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